Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You maintain your car and your home, how about you?

I've pondered on this one for a while.  This week I told people to give me ideas on what they wanted to hear.  You guys sure did come up with some good ones.  I thought and thought on how I could put it all together.  After getting some body snapping done, my Doc told me something that sparked my thought for this.  He said, "Hey just some simple maintenance, your in and out.  You change the oil on your car don't you? Gotta keep that body maintenance up."  I was walking out and my brain went... ding ding ding!

We all do the maintenance on our cars.  We get the oil changed, check the air filter, get a tune up and so on.  We try to keep our yards clean, trimmed and maintained.  We paint our homes when needed, OK - I've been putting that off lol.  We change our air filters on our hvac units.  You get where I'm going with this.  Here is the difference though.  With a house or a car, if you start to not like it or it gets run down, or shit you just want a new one you can trade it in or sell it and get another.  With our bodies we do not have that luxury.  

Now lets look at our bodies like one of these items.  Why not put the little time into keeping ourselves up?

I'm talking about EVERYONE!

Those of you that don't workout or have any kind of physical activity, guess what?  Working out or being active is part of that maintenance.  It would be like letting your car sit for a year, hopping in it and thinking it was going to run great.  Shit it probably wouldn't even start.  What else do we need to look at?  The fuel.  What kind of crap are you putting into your fuel system? You know, that crap you stuff into your mouth.  Also known as that flapper between your chin, or chins for some of you,  and your nose.  Quality fuel equals good performance.

Alright, now back to what my doc was talking about.  Keeping ourselves limber, moving, sliding, and aligned, in my opinion, is a DAMN GOOD idea. For those of us that train, and beat that shit out of ourselves on a daily basis, it is mandatory.  Day to day activities, sitting, bending over, driving, etc. add up over time.  Personally, I like my body to feel like it's moving as it should and when it gets out of whack I sure know it.  Taking care of it through chiropractic and massage before it's out of whack is part of my body maintenance that needs to be kept up on.  I value myself, my body above the car I drive around.  Yes the car needs to be maintained, but my body is priority numero uno.  It's going to be with me until i die. I don't get to trade it in or sell it and get another one.  Wrap your mind around that for a bit.

Think about that shit.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eternia Athletics Foundation... WHAT?

It's Tuesday! From now on out, every Monday I am going to rack my brain, or take suggestions, on what I should write about on the blog for the week.  This weeks blog for me was an easy no brainer.  Since the day we sprouted the idea of Eternia, we have always wanted to be able to reach out and help spread what we love with today's youth.  As of Monday, our site for Eternia Athletics Foundation is up and running.  I thought this week I would go over a few things I'm sure everyone is wondering about and what this is all about.  Here are some questions we have been getting.

What is Eternia Athletics Foundation?
Eternia Athletics Foundation is a non-profit 501(c).  Our goal is to be able to reach as many at risk, under-served, or unknowing youth and being able to provide them with access to the highest level of fitness, nutrition and guidance that we can.  Through weight training, team building, conditioning, nutritional knowledge, and mentoring we hope to be able to reach as many youth to young adults we can.   With today's average of 1 out of 3 children testing at overweight to obese, and growing, something needs to be done.

What programs are you offering?
To start, we will be running a summer kids camp ages 6-14.  This camp was ran last year and we had a great outcome.  We want to be able to offer this to more children and young teens.  This is the age to get them started.  Wether this is to help them with the sports they play, or wether it is to get them active they will have a great time.  Agility, coordination, endurance, strength, speed, injury prevention, team building, self esteem through goal setting and accomplishment, nutritional knowledge are just a few of the things we will be working on with them over the summer.

Next is our age 15-18 in season/off season training program.  With this program we look to help each individual student athlete reach there full potential.  We are dedicated to equal opportunity for all student athletes no matter the sport or ability.  We strive to make each student the best they can be both mentally and physically.  We will follow the Three D's.  Determination, Dedication, and Discipline in our program.  All of these are as important as the other in our program.  Our program focuses on 3 dimensional, multi joint movements with various Olympic lifts and Power lifts with an emphasis on injury prevention.  Each program will focus on the individuals needs directed to there sport.

In the works-
Junior Powerlifting Team-
What if you are a student that doesn't play a sport, or maybe you do but are interested in another.  Powerlifting can be done by anyone.  Athletic, not athletic, quiet, shy, you name it. Powerlifting is for everyone.  Juniors to seniors compete in the sport of powerlifting.  There are plenty of today's youth that are in need of fitness, strength, guidance, mentoring, team building, and general direction.  Through the sport of powerlifting we are able to offer that for these students that otherwise would not have this opportunity.  The things they will learn at Eternia and through the Foundation will carry into there daily lives for the rest of there life.  We plan to offer this locally as well as through online coaching and programming.

Fit Mothers program-
For those expecting moms to keep active as well as new moms to be getting back in shape, this program will be geared directly towards them.  Daycare on site for this program, so moms can breathe easy while their little one is being watched and well taken care of while they are getting back into shape.  Striving to pass on and help start new lives with fitness and nutrition in mind.

How can you help?
First and easiest way to help is to spread the word!  Even if you can't help through monetary means you can easily help online and in the community spreading the word of what we are working on and hope to achieve.

We have set up several ways to help though online means as well.  A super easy one is through Amazon Smile.  We all shop through there and this is super simple.  Follow the link on the site, click a few buttons and it will automatically just set it up for you.  Every time you shop through your Amazon account they will donate .5% to Eternia Athletics Foundation.

If you are looking to donate time, or other items there is also a area under the donate button for you to contact us through there.

Also under the donate button two other payment options to donate.  Anything helps, and tax deductible.

We are also actively seeking partners to align ourselves with to help support our mission.  If you are a business that would like to get involved, head over to the partner section of the site and fill that out with how you would like to be involved.

This has been a vision of ours from the beginning.  Check us out, and please share in our mission.

Here is the link to the site, thank you!