Saturday, February 22, 2014

Having what it takes

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Hello fellow Eternians and Eternians from afar. Sorry for the delay in my blogging, I know you have been hitting refresh after refresh just hoping something new would come about. Well today is your lucky day haha! This whole post is just rambling from my head so for you writing Nazis, don't hate. I said I would talk about the whole, "what is this paleo thing" in my last post. I will get to that but first I wanted to talk about a few things first. Having what it takes....

What's your goal? This is where I would like to start. What do you want out of your fitness training. Are you trying to get in shape? Are you wanting to loose weight? Are you wanting to loose weight and get in shape? Are you wanting to get bigger and stronger? There are multiple "what do you wants", and as we all know lots of different ways to get to your end goal. We want to help you get there, BUT you have to want it. There lies my question.... do you have what it takes?

Let's say you change nothing in your diet at all and just add training with us to your daily regimen. What will this do for you? Will you get more fit? Yes, you will. Will you loose weight? Maybe, maybe not. Will you put on some muscle? I would say yes. Will you get stronger? Yep that's a yes too. I hope you can see where this is going. What I'm getting at here is that whatever you do, the training is going to benefit you. How much it benefits you is up to you and if you have what it takes to get every last bit out of your training you can. If you want to get in shape, loose the fat, put on some muscle aka "toning" up like you ladies like to say lol, get stronger, faster, and pretty take your overall badassery to the next level you need to take a step back and look at what your putting into your body. I hear people out there that constantly asking questions like why can't I get ripped, or "toned" or Gandhi cut or Jesus lean, or jacked or whatever it is you wanna call it. They all say I mean I eat "clean" most the time or I'm sure I could eat a little cleaner but I'm mostly eating good. Always like the one maybe I just need to do more cardio and eat less ahhaha. I see way to many people training allot and eating way to few of calories. If somebody has you eating 1K or less calories and training, you might wanna take a look someplace else. If you wanna be cut down to where your abs are visible and you aren't one of the lucky genetic freaks out there that eats whatever they want and are shredded all the time then you need to address if you have what it takes. To get to that level you are going to have to address what you are putting in your body.

 I find it funny that allot of the people that ask these questions are posting pics of themselves on there social media out boozin it up all the time. Seems like this would be obvious but it just isn't I guess. Again, do you have what it takes to meet that goal. Does that mean you can't drink and be shredded? No, cause there are people out there that can, but if you are asking this question... you aren't one of them. Is drinking all the time more important to you than being cut and and packing on muscle? That's 100% ok, but quit trying to out train your drinking. Can you drink in moderation a few beers or some red wine here and there and still get results? Some can and some can't. Moderation is the key and yes it is doable to have some now and then. But, if you are truly doing what it takes diet wise and it's not working then you gotta ask yourself... is the juice worth the squeeze.

I know I know, next you are going to say.. but I see you crushing donuts and burgers and whatnot. There are ways to cycle carbs as in CarbNite or CarbBackloading. I'm not going to get into all of the details with this in this post, but these styles of eating can be tailored to different goals. If you are looking for my recco on overall diet I'm not going to start you with that.  I am more than happy to give you what I usually start people with. I like to call it a paleo-ish athlete diet. Without getting to deep into paleo or CarbBackloading, eating a higher fat/protein rich diet of organic veggies and meats when possible in the 5am-5pm range of the day and a leaner meat/vegi with carb evening. Sweat potato, potato's, white rice are my personal go to carbs that seem to digest well for me. Now, as Codi know's I'm not a huge sweet potato fan so you won't see that very often. Mostly white rice for this guy. So this is a good place to start. Everyone is different and everyone can tweak it to work for them. This is a very sustainable way of eating. From there we can tweak what kind of sweets you may add and when but that is a whole different deal.

If you are a person that can't just change what you are doing, try just taking out some of the crappy things and putting in some good things in there place but nothing crazy all at once. Wean yourself into it. If you can't kick the drinking, start with cutting a day out. So if you are a Fri and Sat night drinker like a lot of people. Pick one of those days and don't do it. Easy as that. You will notice a difference I promise.

I could go on and on about different what if's and whatnots. I could talk about different diets and ways of eating. There are so many ways to skin a cat, I am only speaking from the experimentation I have had on myself and those around me. The main point of all this is to ask yourself do you have what it takes to actually meet the goal you have set for yourself. If you don't that's ok, but re-asses what is important and what is not.  photo Sleeping-lion-black-and-white_ea.jpg