Thursday, April 2, 2015

What should I eat? What supplements do I need to be taking?

Well hello there Eternia! We are getting ready to kick of this Easter Weekend and I thought I would put together a few words on a screen for your reading pleasure.  Today I wanted to touch on a question I tend to get alot. What should I eat, and what supplements should I be taking.

First things first.  Supplements are just that, supplements to your normal diet.  When I say diet, I am referring to what you take in on a daily basis of REAL FOOD.  Sit down and take a real look at what you are eating.  For a male, if you are training with us and eating under 1500 cals a day or a female under 1000 a day we will start there. These numbers are even on my low end of where I would want to see people consuming.  You cannot recover from training by not eating.  I know you all want to loose weight, but the not eating approach does more damage than good.  Food people food! That is what helps you burn fat and recover from your workouts.  There isn't a magic supplement you need to be taking besides good food, water, and rest.  After you address these situations then you can look into the only 3 supplements to your regular diet that you will hear me suggest.
1) Protein
2) Fish Oil
3) Creatine (for some)

The reasons for these is for a whole other blog post, but in general these are things that will be hard to get enough of in your normal diet that have a great impact on your overall life and health.

Next up... setting an example for your family..