Friday, May 1, 2015

Back from paradise to our paradise....

Good afternoon everyone.  Sorry you haven't been able to read my ramblings for a bit.  Things have been quite busy for us out here.  Wedding prep for Codi and I had kept us quite busy.  Now we are back and still at it with the reception coming in two weeks, but I thought I would sneak one in with a quick recap of our trip.  I know I know, most my blog post are about training and shit like that.  Don't worry I'm going to sneak a few things in here about how not to be a douche at the gym.

I'll start of by saying this trip for Codi and I could not have been better.  So much fun and we are so thankful and greatful for the people that made the trip down to share this awesome part of our lives together.  We flew out on Sunday AM early.  Was a long day of flying around the world but totally worth it when we landed in Cancun around 4.  A short trip about 45 min and we were at the hotel checked in and sipping drinks.  

Over the next 5 days people started to filter in every day.  We had a whole week of pool lounging and beach lounging.  Town exploring with taco eating contest.  As well as a Tulum ruins/ jungle cenote /zip line/ crazy ass uni-mog trip.  This seriously was a week of nothing but awesome.  Oh, we squeezed a few workouts in, but nothing crazy.  Lots of awesome dinners and drinks let up to the main event Saturday.  

Couldn't have been happier with the resort and set up for the wedding.  We really didn't have to do anything which made for a great day.  Wedding went off without a hitch and the venue was unbelievable!  I'll just hit the pics to help you get an idea.  

Ok now I want to take a quick second to say how dam lucky I am.  I can hands down, sorry guys, say my lady is the most smokin hot bride ever!  Pics to prove

After the wedding was done and over everyone started to head back over the next few days.  Codi and I were now on our honeymoon and relax city started for the next week.  We had an awesome week laying around relaxing and studying.  We squeezed a few more workouts in but tried to take as much time for ourselves, we know that it's going to be a while before we get to do this again so we soaked it up.  

Now let me get into the small portion of this blog post that will  be about training.  Just a few tips I thought I would give so that the next time you are at a commercial gym you aren't the one being a douche bag.  
1- Re rack your weights.  Few things here.  Don't just leave your shit and take off, no brainer but you would be surprised.  Also, if you are using a set of DB's and there are a shit ton of other people in there and you are going to rest and finger yourself for 5 min between sets take them back and re rack them so others can use them.  I should not have to come over and tell you I'm going to use them, and take them.  
2- Don't stand right in front of the DB rack and block all the weights when there is a shit load of people trying to get in and out of there.  Step back far enough to let others use the shit.  

Some might think these things are just common sense, but there are a lot of dip shits out there.  
Side note- wearing a bandana with a hat on top of it is stupid.  

Ok now back to the story.  Looking at the pics I forgot about speedo day.  Man, that was a hoot and we got some good pics of that.  Somehow my speedo ended up being the most high cut of the bunch haha, but I made it look good.  Pic to prove

After nearly 2 weeks in a paradise known as the Riviera Maya/ Playa Del Carmen, we are back and at it in our own paradise of Eternia Athletics and Grants Pass, Oregon.  Being gone for 2 weeks, even in a place like that can leave you thinking of how much you love where you live.  For me it made me miss my home, my dogs, my friends and our paradise of Eternia.  There truly is no place like home.