Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day of 2013

Here we are, it's the last day of 2013. I thought I would just write up a quick blog post with some more random ramblings. Maybe there will be some Golden Nuggets in here.. who knows you will just have to read along haha! Can't even believe another year has come and gone. Time has flown by this year, last year at this time I had come down with some crazy 1 day flu sickness. It's my girlfriends b-day and we had this huge NYE/B-day party all dialed in. I did everything I could to hold it together, but only lasted about an hour and ended up having to lay down and sit that one out. Still bummed I missed that whole shindig! Well this year we will be getting together again with a great group of friends again for another round. This time I'm 100%! Feeling great. Some awesome things have happened at the end of 2013 that we would have never seen coming or even imagined. Long story short, a group of us ended up training out of my garage in September. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After about a month of that, there were a few too many people wanting to train in there and it was making it hard for all of us to be able to work out. With winter coming, being able to have most of everyone in the driveway and doing wall balls off this side of the house in the gravel was going to come to an end real quick. At that point we had a few choices. We could trim down who was there working out. Problem with that was we really like everyone we work out with and didn't want to do that. Option 1 wasn't an option. We also had others that were wanting to join in and get on the program as well. We ended up kinda falling into a space that needed a ton of work, but that's just what we needed. Anyways, sorry for the ramble. After a solid 17 days of long days and a bunch of trips to the dump... this is what you see. Before and after as well as the first evening it was all cleared out

 photo fde687803a8511e3894722000ae90157_8.jpg  photo 59bc65783a6a11e3987d22000aaa0a97_8.jpg

After about 30 days this is what we ended up with

 photo lion_8.jpg

And finally painted

 photo image_opt1.jpg

Can't even begin to thank everyone who has helped make this happen. If it wasn't for all of you guys we couldn't have done this. We just want to help foster a community of people that really want to push themselves to the next level. Everyone's next level may be different, but if you are dedicated, and want other dedicated people to be around you then this is the place. We couldn't believe all the support from people here in our small town as well as online that had the same feeling and beliefs that we did. So much that they have helped show the love all over our town, country, as well as worldwide. We now are building a local community as well as one stretched out all over. We couldn't have even begun to think this would happen and happen so fast. We are looking forward for what more awesomeness will come in this next year.. 2014! This is going to be one heck of a year. I'll finish off with some pics of people you may or may not now showing the ETERIA LOVE!! Breath that fresh ETERNIA air, feels good doesn't it! P.S don't worry if your pic isn't up here, we will be featuring different posts of people showing the love! Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Well, here we are.  Is it Christmas already?  On this Eve of Christmas, I figured why not have another blog post.  I will come right out and be honest with all of you 3 people that probably read this, I'm not the greatest writer out there.  I will do my best to try to sound smart and funny, we will see haha.  Anyways onto the blog.

 Wasn't sure what I wanted to talk about today but it kinda came to me last night talking with one of our out of town drop ins that's here for the holidays.  She had just finished up after last night's oly session.  We were talking about some stretches and whatnot...the usual stuff.  She asked what we offered here as far as extra skill work time or whatnot.  Apparently places she has been don't offer this type of thing.  I have heard of this as well and it never made any sense to me.  Your clients are paying you good money to help them on their fitness journey, whatever that may be, and when they get really stoked on it wanting to work on weaknesses you tell them that there is no time for that?  Always boggled my mind.  I will come out and say this, you cannot get better at a movement without doing that movement. Telling your clients to work on the movement elsewhere is fine but wouldn't they be more stoked to do it where you can help them as well as meet other members and build your community?  Anyways, sorry for my ramble back to the story.  I told her from day one we wanted to try to put together a place where it was fun to workout with other people that had a passion for what we do.  People with a passion want to hang out with other people with the same passion.  We also said that we would not only encourage but promote working on extra skill work as well as ASSISTANCE exercises.  Not everyone is going to come in the same.  I know it sounds crazy but not everyone is build the same or has the same fitness background. I'm on board 100% that compound exercises are awesome and build strength, power, and speed.  Where I see the fault is lack in building as well and learning to recruit smaller muscle groups.  Back on track.. so I told her, you are welcome to come in anytime we are here to help you work on anything you like. If there is some assistance work specific to you that you would like some help with or need some advice on, that is what we are here for.  I would hope this is how it is at most places but I just want everyone to know, that is how it is here. Heck if you just want to come in and hang out, do some mobility, chat it up with like minded people, do your homework... whatever it is, if we are here you are welcome.  Your Unlimited membership with us doesn't just mean you get 1,  1 hour class a day.

Well sorry for such a long ramble and I hope it made at least a little since as well as gave you a brief insight on what we are about at Eternia Athletics and what is available for you as a member.  All of us at EA want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Post 1 Gym and Mobility


  Here we go. First blog post of many to come from Eternia Athletics.  We are a small Strength and Conditioning Gym here in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Stay up to speed with us on here for some helpful tips as well as happenings around the gym.  
  Good morning! Today is Thursday, or better known at Erernia Athletics.. REST DAY.  I am going to line out for you how the programming is set up.  5 days of workouts per week.  3 on, 1 off, 2 on, one off.   Now that doesn't mean that we aren't going to work with your schedule, this just means in general this is how it's mapped out for you.  Questions on this just let us know. Some of you that work out Mon-Fri and take Sat and Sunday off, this is why we have a optional workout for Thursday.  If you missed a day... boom we have you covered as well. Options, options, options.  Talk with one of the coaches if you have any questions.  All of us are happy to help.  Anyways, on to the good stuff! 

  On this day of rest and recovery why not dive into some mobility work.  I am going to step into a little Thoracic Spine, or also known as T-Spine, talk.  T-Spine mobility comes into play if you want to have an awesome overhead position, a good pulling position off the floor, or having a solid squat position with your chest up, just to name a few.  For those that don't know where or what the Thoracic area is that is ok.  It is the area just below your neck to roughly just under your mid back.  This thick area of meat can tend to get very tight and bound up.  Your Thoracic Spine area is meant to be able to twist, rotate, flex and bend. Although for a large amount of us this area doesn't do many of those things so other areas of our body end up doing that work, namely the lumbar spine or lower back. Ouch! So lets take some time and work on getting you moving better and being more proactive about your mobility in general.  

So onto the meat and potatoes of this (yes I know potatoes aren't paleo) hahah! 
Here is a 3 parts series from Dan Pope.
Part 1


Part 3


Thanks Dan for the great series. We can all use a little work in this area! 

So there it is people, the first blog post of many to come.  
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