Friday, March 20, 2015

Your Duty

Good afternoon Eternia! Sun is shining and it's looking like we have plowed through another week, kicking ass and taking names.  Eternian's here in GP and afar have all been putting up some great numbers this week.  I've been pondering what to write about this week.  After a chat I gave this week to a group of Eternians and some things I have seen, I feel inclined to talk about giving it everything you have and passing that along.

Here at Eternia we foster a pretty awesome environment.  One that I have been told by many that come from out of town is something they haven't seen anywhere, or only in some of my opinion awesome spots.  We take that as a pretty bad ass compliment.  As an Eternian you should feel pretty dam proud of that, because you help build that.  Your duty is to keep doing that.

We ask a lot of each and every person that trains with us.  We know that is a lot.  We ask you to do that because we want you to get the most out of what we are offering.  We aren't in this to get rich, all the money we make goes back into making Eternia even better.  We do this shit because we LOVE IT!

As an Eternian, rule numero' uno.  DON'T HALF ASS ANYTHING.  If you want to come in and just go through the motions, honestly this may not be the place for you.  We expect the best you have every day.  If you are worn down or not 100% that day, and lets say you are 80%. Give every bit of that 80% you have.  I promise you that you won't regret it.

Next I want to touch on a few things that don't have to do with your training but the others around you.  Your duty is to help your training partners to get stronger than you.  If you see somebody slacking off or sandbagging some shit, let them know what's up.  You know it, you see it.  Don't worry we will be doing the same thing as your coaches as well.  Having training partners that push you ads to the environment and fosters some awesome results.  You see somebody just "going through the motions" let them know.  Hey what's that, way to easy lets go, get with it. They will thank you for it.  Along these same lines, if you get somebody new in there and you see something way crazy, help them.  Examples come to mind. Hey man that might be to big a jump.  How about 10lbs not 30.  Or hey, that % looks a bit high lets take some off and move that shit quick(speed day). That's what we do in Eternia.  Take them under your wing and pass on what we have taught you.  Don't worry we will be there as well.

I will end on this.  Our environment is one you will not find in many places and we are dam proud of that.  You guys helped build that, now keep it going.  From that "great" Travis Osborne, "Never half ass anything, always use your FULL ASS"!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well well well, I've been pondering what random subjects I should blog about next.  So many good options this time of year, but I chose to go with one that gets asked a lot.  "So what is different between Eternia and CF?"

I hear this question and I'm like... really haha. Joking, well kinda.  I get the question and why it is asked. We do run our structure in a warehouse, we coach in hour blocks, and we train in a group atmosphere.  That is where it ends. Does that mean if our members wanted to compete in some CF style stuff they couldn't. Nope, they could do that if they wanted to. I will say this. With the CF money machine fired up, otherwise known as the CF Open, going on right now our number of members doing that is.....0.  Number of members from Eternia competing in as USPA Powerlifting meet in June...23.

Eternia, as most of you know, runs a WestSide Barbell conjugate system.  WestSide is the strongest gym in the world.  Westide Barbell is ran by the great Louie Simmons.  He has put his whole life into building a system that is tried, and proven.  The system is built for powerlifting, but can be used to get anybody strong as shit and fit as fuck haha! We do not only lift heavy weights, we condition as well.  This program can be tuned nicely for who it's for.  We run 2 separate conjugate programs at Eternia giving our members options.  We, squat and or deadlift twice a week, and bench twice a week. We also, clean and jerk, do a ton of strongman movements, and a SHITLOAD of special exercise and accessory work. In fact 80% of our workload for any given day is acc work. Below I am going to give you an example of a day of our programming, then I will give you a few examples of programming strait from CF.

Dynamic Effort Lower
A) Box Jump to max height
B) Box squat (at parallel) with Safety Squat Bar at 50% plus 25% band tension 10x2 45 sec. rest
C) Sumo dead at 50% plus 30% band tension, 8x1 30 sec. rest between
D) Bulg. Split Squat with SSB, 3x10
E) Dimmel deadlifts 3x20 @ 40%
F) Banded back ext 3x20
G) 3x20 banded ghd situps
12 min Air dyne 15 sec sprints, 10 b.w lunges every minute on the minute style
Finisher- 100 banded pull through's

Above is a usual layout from a dynamic lower day with conditioning.  Another form of conditioning on this day may involve some sled drags, atlas stone to shoulder, cleans, sled pushes or sled sprints etc.

Below is taken direct from CF main site

Today- Run 1.5 miles

With a running clock every minute perform 1 lift and add 10 lbs
Start with Snatch and go as heavy as possible
once you can't snatch it, go to the clean
once you can't clean go to deadlift.

Day Before that
10 rounds of 205lb front squats 5 reps and 5 parallette hand stand push ups as fast as possible

I could keep going but I'm hoping that just that kind of gives you an idea.  This is not to say that every CF gym goes off that programming.  Actually every CF gym can run whatever program they want, witch could be anything from dancing to napping.  Don't take that as I don't like naps because come on now who doesn't haha.

I think most people want to try to group us into that, and we have tried to be different from the get go. We train in group structure, because that is how we like to do it.  Nobody likes training alone, it sucks.  Having a group of like minded people there to push you and keep you accountable helps.

In the end it boils down to this.  Do we not like CF?  No not at all we have plenty of friends in the CF world.  We just have a little bit different goals, and thoughts on what is more important.  Not everybody needs to snatch, overhead squat, walk on their hands, swing around on bars and rings to be fit or use those methods to build strength.   Different strokes for different folks, that's what makes Eternia... Eternia.

Come to the DarkSide.... Your lack of strength is disturbing.... and we have donuts.