Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Positive Vibes

Well here we are pushing into the middle of the week-ish.  We have some heavy ass squats for us coming over the next few days depending on our training day layout out here.  I've got 3 different blog posts going right now that I'm writing but I stopped those to bring this quick little post.

All over the the internets, the youtubes, the books of face, the twitters... generally anywhere out there on the line in the "fintess industry" all I see is allot of negativity.  So many posts, just about how people are mad at somebody, or somebody is doing something that they feel in there opinion is wrong, or the world is against them or they don't think somebody should be doing something they are doing because they don't know anything.  How about this, try to post something positive.  I'd much rather contact somebody for information or even just converse with someone that has a positive attitude and doesn't need to put others down or talk shit to try to get business.

Hey it's just my opinion, I'm a nobody that knows nobody and knows very little. But what I do know I'm happy to share.  Now back to focusing on these heavy ass squats coming up.  Positive mental state... check!

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