Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So you wanna be jacked?

I'm writing this as hope that maybe you will watch the video below and take it in.  Most of us do enjoy to have a few drinks here and there, or stuffing our face with some donuts.  On occasion, not a horrible thing.  But, if you are going to the gym day in day out, but not seeing the progress you had hoped maybe it's time to take a look at the outside factors.

What outside factors do I speak of?  I am talking about diet and recovery/sleep.  I'm not talking about what diet or eating style is best.  There are 100's of ways to eat to help make your goals attainable.  What I am talking about here is eating like complete shit, drinking, and sleeping like crap.  These all play a role on one another.  Eating like shit is pretty much obvious.  If you can't figure out that what you put in your body has an affect on how you might need to seek help.  Now lets get into the drinking and sleeping.  I'm including a video at the bottom, that explains hopefully in easy to understand terms the metabolic process of alcohol in the body.  Also, if you think that you are sleeping good because you are passing out from your drinks.  Not so much there either.  

I'll close this out with this.  If you contstantly are looking for the new thing that's going to get your ripped, saying the only way you can get cut or gain muscle is by using steroids, but you can't clean up your diet, eat well, and stop drinking... you might need to take a long hard look at the mirror and see where the problem really lies.  It's really simple.  Eat good most of the time, cut out the booze, and lift heavy shit. Done deal. 

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