Monday, October 19, 2015

Take away from bodybuilding/figure show

So this weekend the wife and I got a chance to take a quick drive up to Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon to cheer on one of our own.  Nick Tatom, a trainer at our gym, had a physique competition up there this weekend.  This is the second show we have been to to cheer him on and get the chance to take it all in.  Was great to see some other people up there that I know personally or just from online and get to see them do so well.  This blog I just wanted to give my take away on these events.

1.  These competitors in all divisions deserve a round of applause.  All of them.  For 1 -  I would be nervous as hell to get up there and get picked apart by everyone.  For 2 - the time, dedication and hard work that goes into this shit is amazing.  Blows me away every time.

2.  The people walking around these shows, just makes you want to pack on some damn muscle.  There is equally if not more jacked people, male and female running around spectating.  It's a great environment for some motivation.  You look around like, shit! Looks like bulking season has begun.  Let's do this.

3.  There are tons of categories at these shows.  Personally my favorite is the bodybuilding class, male and female.  It's awesome to see what the human body can achieve when pushed to it's limits.  I'm looking forward to taking in a big pro show in the future.

I don't know a shit ton about this sport, although I trained that way for a long part of my life never having the dedication or balls to take it to the stage.  What I do know is it's pretty damn fun to watch and I appreciate everyone that gets up there's hard ass work.

What I am starting to see is a lot of these bodybuilders, bikini, and figure competitors using powerlifting in combination with there other training and putting together some awesome packages on stage.  Just food for thought for all you competitors out there.  Getting strong as shit, packing on some meat, and limiting how much mindless cardio you need to do.. sounds pretty good to me.

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